Below and attached you should be able to find everything you need in order to be able to ride in a point-to-point race. Most importantly, you can complete your Riders Qualification Certificate here, learn all able the medical requirements you need to fulfil to be allowed to ride, understand more about the sport if you are a first-season rider and access the forms you need if you are being sponsored and want to purchase equipment. If you still have any questions, please contact the PPA  on 01793 781990  or

Please note that all the forms on this page relate to the 2023-2024 season. Updated versions for 2024-2025 will be available here before the start of the new season.

Length of ‘Racing Season’ and National Championships

The official end of the racing season will be Spring Bank Holiday Monday, May 27th, and the results that count towards the National Championships will also finish on that day. However, the actual season will continue for a further two weeks to allow the Tiverton Staghounds and Torrington Farmers to continue to run on their traditional weekend dates after the Spring Bank Holiday, providing they remain at their current courses. NB: all results will be included in official records, as do walkovers.

Changes to Keeper Responsibilities

From the 23-24 season onwards:

  • Where an Owner has placed a horse with a Keeper, the Keeper will become responsible for all breaches of the Regulations 'as if the Owner'.
  • No action will be taken against the Keeper where it can be shown that any breach of the Regulations was the result of an action by the Owner, to which the Keeper was not a party, in which case the Owner will be responsible.

In practical terms, this means that a Keeper will have to have signed at least one Hunter Certificate to confirm that (s)he has understood and accepted his/her new responsibilities. We have used this opportunity to adjust both the Hunter Certificate Registration form, to be more in line with how the information is entered on to the system, and the confirmation letters.

NB 1: An owner can retain responsibility if they wish, but in such cases, the Keeper will not be responsible for their actions/activities.

NB 2: Weatherbys will not register a horse without the Keeper’s signature if they can find no record of that signature having been provided for another horse in same season. It is therefore strongly recommended that you get the signature or provide the name of a horse already registered with the Keeper’s signature.

NB 3: Only one person can be registered to make entries online. This is a requirement of the current software.


Paddock Attendants' Clothing and Names. 

The name of the Keeper or Owner may appear on the attendant's clothign in the paddock even if not sponsored (see Appendix L to Regulations 23-24

Race Conditions

There have been some minor changes to ensure the regulations are stating the rules as was originally intended. E.g. point-to-point races, whether flat or over jumps, have the same stipulations regarding licensed trainers. However, there has been one significant change:

Restricted Race. The change is to allow a winner of a Restricted race to continue running in such races, with a 5lb penalty. After a second win, the horse moves to Intermediate level, the conditions for which remain the same.

Definition. A Restricted Point-to-Point steeplechase is a race open to any horse, except where further restrictions have been imposed, which, at starting, has not won any race under the Rules of any Recognised Racing Authority other than National Hunt Flat races or Flat races, or any Point-to-Point Steeplechase other than Maiden Races, Hunt/Members races or no more than one Restricted race.

Penalties. A winner of one Restricted Race will carry a 5lb penalty.

Amendment to Reg 122 (iii).  Late amendment to Reg 122 (iii) in soft copy online but not your hard copy.  This now reads:

  • Reg 122 (iii) If a horse runs the wrong side of a direction post or flag or misses a fence their Rider shall turn back and ride the course correctly from such point of the race, or they shall pull up. A Rider who takes the incorrect course and/or fails to pull up shall be guilty of an offence and, unless the Stewards are satisfied that the provisions of Appendix AA apply, their horse shall, on an objection under Regulation 140(iv), be disqualified.
  • Appendix AA has been reheaded ‘Taking the correct course’ and reads:
    • If a Rider fails to pull up in the circumstances detailed in Regulation 122(iii) or disregards the requirements of Regulation 122(iv), the horse shall be disqualified unless the Stewards are satisfied that in all such cases all Riders remaining in the race have taken the same course and, in the opinion of the Stewards, no Rider has obtained an unfair advantage as a result.
    • Should the provisions of this Appendix be enacted the horse(s) shall not be disqualified upon any objection under Regulation 140(iv), and, for the avoidance of doubt, the provisions of Regulation 124(i)(b) shall not apply.

All riders must have an RQC for the current season before they can ride in a point-to-point. The RQC is proof that riders are qualified to ride in point-to-point races.

In order to apply for a 2023-2024 Riders Qualification Certificate (RQC) you will need to download and complete the form below, inclusive of a Declaration of Health.

As a new initiative, first season riders benefit from a £50 discount on the cost of their RQC and the fee is therefore only £140, instead of the normal £190.

Section 3 of the RQC requires a Hunt Official’s signature, stating their role in the Hunt. This can be any Hunt Official, not necessarily the Secretary.

Riders should allow at least ten working days for their licence to be processed. If there is a problem with your application or further information is required, this may take considerably longer, so – to avoid disappointment – we encourage you to apply in good time.

Following medical clearance, a successful assessment (if required) and payment being received, your RQC will be issued.

If possible, please scan the completed certificate and send it to us as a PDF - this is simpler and quicker than sending photographs of the individual pages. If you are unable to scan, please save any photos you upload at “Medium” size – any smaller and they are difficult to read, while any larger makes them hard to process.

If you are completing the form by hand and sending it to the PPA, please ensure you put the correct postage on your RQC application, otherwise it will not be delivered.

Following medical clearance, a successful assessment (if required) and payment being received, your RQC will be issued.

If possible, please scan the completed certificate and send it to us as a PDF - this is simpler and quicker than sending photographs of the individual pages. If you are unable to scan, please save any photos you upload at “Medium” size – any smaller and they are difficult to read, while any larger makes them hard to process.

If you are completing the form by hand and sending it to the PPA, please ensure you put the correct postage on your RQC application, otherwise it will not be delivered.

All applicants for an RQC must accurately complete and sign The Declaration of Health on pp 7-9 of the RQC form every year. All riders falling into one or more of the following categories will also be required to submit a completed BHA Medical Form before their RQC can be issued:

  • All first-time applicants (unless you have an up to date medical for a NHA Amateur licence).
  • If you have not completed the BHA Medical Form for five years.
  • If you are 40 or over, if you have not completed it for two years.
  • If you are 50 or over.

If you are 55 or over, you will also have to provide resting 12 lead ECG and bloods for FBC, renal and liver function, fasting lipid profile and glucose.

In addition to the above, other applicants may be required to submit BHA Medical Forms at the discretion of the BHA Chief Medical Adviser and in consideration of their medical history.

Medicals can only be undertaken by a doctor who has access to your NHS Medical records summary.

You do not need to submit a new BHA Medical Form if your current medical expires within 12 months of the date of your application.

All paperwork, including that relating to the medical part of the your application, should be returned to the PPA, except for Medical Forms, which should be sent directly to the BHA Medical Team at

– however, the date of the medical, and when the form was sent to the BHA must also be included on the form sent to the PPA.

The BHA Chief Medical Advisor will assess the medical part of your application. Any concerns will be investigated further and you will be informed accordingly.

This is the most time-consuming element of the RQC application process so, if your require a medical, please ensure that you submit your form well in advance of the date on which you intend to have your first ride.

Medical Record Book. You will be issued a physical Medical Record Book (MRB) when you receive your first RQC. These must be provided to the officials on the day you intend to race, and without one you will not be allowed to ride. If you lose your MRB,you can buy a new one.


The PPA holds an insurance policy that provides liability insurance for jockeys whilst participating in point-to-points and completing their Rider Assessment (see below). A separate Personal Accident insurance policy is also in force for jockeys from weigh out to weigh in, which provides limited cover for injury and loss of earnings. It is strongly recommended that, where possible, you have private insurance, especially for those with dependants.

Point-to-point riders can also access the full range of support and services provided by the Injured Jockeys Fund, where appropriate. Anyone who has ever held a licence to ride in point-to-points is entitled to help from the IJF during their entire lifetime. To find out more, visit


In addition to the requirement for a medical, first-time riders – and those who have not ridden in a race over hurdles or fences for five years or more –need to undergo a rider assessment.

This has been a requirement since the 2018/19 point-to-point season. Such riders need to meet with a PPA-approved, Level 3 BHA Jockey Coach during the process of applying for their RQC. This can be done at one of several recognised training days (dates below) across the country (for a £30 fee, which is refundable when you apply for an RQC), or arranged locally with your Jockey Coach on a one-on-one basis (such sessions will be chargeable). The links below provide a comprehensive guide to the process.

Training Days

25th October – Woodway Farm (Lawney Hill Racing) – Alan & Lawney Hill Racing, Woodway Farm, Aston Rowant, Oxford, OX49 5SJ – Jockey Coach Charlie Poste.

26th October – Pontispool Equestrian – Pontispool Equine Sports Centre, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 1BH – Jockey Coach Rodi Greene.

24th November – BRS – The British Racing School, Snailwell Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7NU – Jockey Coach Charlie Poste.

For the 2023-2024 season, for the first time, the RSS Registration and Agreement have been combined into a single form, for self-completion online, that needs to be signed by both rider and sponsor. As with the new electronic RQC, it makes the form easier to both complete and process. However, the option to download and complete the form manually remains.

Before you register for sponsorship, please read the ‘six simple steps’ below and the information regarding the RSS scheme and the use of sponsorship funds.

Six simple steps to rider sponsorship:

If you have a sponsor, you will need to complete the form, return it to the PPA (either by email – preferred – or post) and pay the sponsorship money either by BACS or cheque, so the sponsorship can be formally registered. If something needs further clarification we will contact you, usually via email.

Once the registration has been confirmed, you can order any equipment directly from one of the PPA approved suppliers, who are listed in the document that provides information on RSS.

If you wish to use some of your sponsorship funds to cover the cost of your RQC or PPORA
membership, you will need to tick the relevant box on the RQC application form.

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