About the Sport

The sport of point-to-pointing is run by the Point-to-Point Authority (PPA), which comprises the following bodies – the Point-to-Point Racing Company (PPRC), the Point-to-Point Secretaries Association (PPSA), the Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Association (PPORA) and the British Hound Sports Society (BHSA - formerly the Master of Foxhounds Association), all of whom have a seat on the PPA board.

The Point-to-Point Authority works closely with the British Horseracing Authority, particularly in the fields of regulation, medical and veterinary and the Point-to-Point Racing Company is 50% owned by the PPA and Weatherbys, who provide many of the services – including horse certificate registration, entries and finance – that keep the wheels of the sport oiled. The PPA also works closely with the Injured Jockeys Fund (IJF) to ensure the health and safety of all riders, and runs pony races at some of its fixtures under the auspices of the Pony Racing Authority (PRA).

about the sport
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