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PTP Area: South Midlands & Sandhurst

Approx. 1½ miles S of A40. GL54 3PP

What Three Words: TBC

Course Information: Wide rectangular course of about 1m2f with minor undulations, built on site of former wheatfields. Quick-draining chalk soil likely to ensure surface doesn’t become too testing, and definitely a course to exploit early season (no watering facility available as yet). Portable fences all metal-framed or a combination of metal and wood (2-4), well built and up to size. SF: 18-20. LH 21/3  circs. 8F. (3m): 20J; 2od (8/16). (3m3f): 22J; 3od (2/10/18). (3m6f): 24J; 3od (4/12/20). (2m4f): 16J; 2od (4/12). Circumference of circuit: 1m2f70yds

Direction: Lefthanded

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