Next FixtureGrafton, May 19, 2024

Meetings: Grafton;

PTP Area: South Midlands & Sandhurst

Wills Estate, Banbury (off A361). OX17 1AG

What Three Words: otter.owns.scrolled


Course Information: Fence frames were all renovated in 2018, and every fence has been re-birched, except for the Open Ditch, which was done the previous year. SF 16-18 (14) RH 7F, 2od 7/14: (2m4f): 2od 3/10 (3m140yds): 20J; 2od (7/14). (2m4f): 16J; 2od (3/10). Circumference of circuit: 1m1f50yds

Direction: Righthanded

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