Badbury Rings

Badbury Rings

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PTP Area: Wessex

4m NW of Wimborne on B3082 (local beauty spot owned by National Trust). DT11 9JL

What Three Words: total.choppers.sensitive

Course Information: Course is rectangular and undulating with three sharp bends round the edge of one large (100-acre) enclosure; four fences in home straight with a gradual uphill finish; good turf covering on quick drying chalk gives perfect going in early season; watering available; well-built portable fences. SF: 16-18 (12). LH 1¾ circs. 10F. (3m): 19J; 2od (4/14). (2m5f): 17J; 2od (2/12). Circumference of circuit: 1m5f10yds

Direction: Lefthanded

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