Sheriff Hutton, Sunday 7th April 2024 - Mixed Open, 4 Miles 1 Furlong

No Form Horse Owner Trainer Jockey
1 1-113621 Ballydonagh Boy (IRE) Mrs C A Coward Samantha Coward
10yo b g Le Fou (IRE)-Hindi (FR) (Cadoudal (FR))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r26 w9) RATING 113
Small, strong gelding, useful hunter/pointer, multiple winner, won 2 Ladies, Mixed Open Novice Riders, races prominently, bt Vivas (FR) head in Overton Mixed Open Novice Riders 23rd Mar (held on wl flat)
2 60213/21 Boss Man Fred (IRE) The Cotswold Stars Partnership Max Comley James King
10yo ch g Dubai Destination (USA)-Aboo Lala (IRE) (Aboo Hom (GB))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r2 w1) RATING 109
Capable pointer, has won in cheek pieces, won Conditions, bt Imperial Esprit (IRE) 6l in Larkhill Conditions 25th Feb (drvn clr flat), stays 3m 2f
3 6553-1U1 Buster Valentine (IRE) The Buster Valentine Club Will Milburn
11yo b g Ask (GB)-Femme du Noir (IRE) (Supreme Leader)
11-7 (P2P/HC form r3 w2) RATING 117
Useful pointer, won Mixed Open, Open, bt Avoid de Master (IRE) 2l in Overton Mixed Open 23rd Mar (held on wl flat), prefers easy surface
4 213-4233 Cool Desire (IRE) Mr & Mrs J Nellis Alice Dawson Nick Orpwood
9yo br g Scorpion (IRE)-Call Her Again (IRE) (Old Vic)
11-7 (P2P/HC form r22 w3) RATING 105
Capable pointer, has won in blinkers, 3l 3rd to El Presente in Dalton Park Conditions 10th Mar (stayed on flat), prefers sound surface
5 151-4225 Coole Hall (IRE) The Jockey Start Syndicate Neil Leach Abi Read
12yo b g Flemensfirth (USA)-Coole Assembly (IRE) (Saddlers' Hall (IRE))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r12 w2) RATING 107
Strong gelding, capable pointer, has won in cheek pieces, 38l 5th to Nick Lost (FR) in Friars Haugh Conditions 9th Mar
6 1p2-p232 Cuneo (FR) The Pavillion Syndicate Julie Ross
12yo b g Kapgarde (FR)-Mefertiti (FR) (Epervier Bleu)
11-7 (P2P/HC form r18 w1) RATING 99
25l 2nd to Super Citizen in Hutton Rudby Open 16th Mar (lft poor 2nd last), temperamental
7 31213-P3 Dounikos (FR) Mr C Baird Caroline Robinson Guy Sankey
13yo b g Smadoun (FR)-Baby Sitter (FR) (Nikos)
11-7 (P2P/HC form r13 w4) RATING 105
Workmanlike gelding, veteran pointer, has won in cheek pieces, 4l 3rd to Encounter A Giant (IRE) in Bangor-On-Dee Mixed Open 10th Mar, stays 3m 4f 150y
8 5/P4P-215 El Presente (GB) 8th Earl of Yarborough Samantha Klug
11yo b g Presenting (GB)-Raitera (FR) (Astarabad (USA))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r3 w1) RATING 113
First season pointer, strong, well-made gelding, useful hunter/pointer, has won with a tongue tie, won Conditions, 46l 5th to Secret Investor in Newbury Hunter Chase (2m 7f 86y) 22nd Mar, stays 3m 1f 44y
9 1112-111 Mount Mews (IRE) The Hughes Family Luci Hughes Nick Orpwood
13yo b g Presenting (GB)-Kneeland Lass (IRE) (Bob Back (USA))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r8 w7) RATING 115
Veteran pointer, multiple winner, has won in cheek pieces, won Hunt Members, Ladies, Mixed Open, bt Fire In Her Eyes (IRE) .75l in Hutton Rudby Hunt Members 16th Mar (held on wl)
10 PP-3p223 Red Opi Mrs S E Mason Samantha Coward
8yo b m Phoenix Reach (IRE)-Poppy Day (GB) (Bal Harbour (GB))
11-0 (7a) (P2P/HC form r23 w3) RATING 101
Has won in cheek pieces, 2l 3rd to Thosedaysaregone (IRE) in Hutton Rudby Conditions Ladies 16th Mar (kpt on one pce)
11 2/1215/12 Senor Lombardy (IRE) K & B Harding & A & K Thompson Brian Harding Lyall Hodgins
11yo b g Milan (GB)-Killoughey Babe (IRE) (Alderbrook (GB))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r10 w4) RATING 115
Useful pointer, won Conditions, races prominently, 4l 2nd to Buster Valentine (IRE) in Charm Park Open 3rd Mar
12 121-D653 The Dubai Way (IRE) The Rock Solid Partnership Charles Barlow Felix Barlow
12yo b g Dubai Destination (USA)-Britway Lady (IRE) (Norwich)
11-7 (P2P/HC form r9 w2) RATING 103
Capable pointer, 3l 3rd to Perfect Attitude in Bangor-On-Dee Conditions 10th Mar (drvn & one pce)
13 1P1P4-34 The Whistle Blower (IRE) Mr J B Wallwin Jonathan Barlow Joe Wright
9yo b g Flemensfirth (USA)-Terre Haute (IRE) (Oscar (IRE))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r16 w5) RATING 113
Strong-topped gelding, useful hunter/pointer, half brother to Haute Estime (IRE), has won in cheek pieces, races prominently, 19l 4th to Iskandar Pecos (FR) in Leicester Hunter Chase (2m 4f 25y) 27th Feb (wknd flat)
14 232-P22P Torygraph (IRE) Well of Wisdom Sarah Fanning
9yo b g Mahler (GB)-Oddly Presented (IRE) (Presenting (GB))
11-7 (P2P/HC form r10 w0) RATING 113
Lengthy gelding, useful hunter/pointer, races prominently, head 2nd to Mount Mews (IRE) in Duncombe Park Mixed Open 4th Feb (wl bhnd when pu 4 out latest), stays 2m 7f 110y
15 3P-1U523 Wild Romance (IRE) Mr R Halton Simon Olley Shay Halton
9yo br m Kalanisi (IRE)-Aboo Lala (IRE) (Aboo Hom (GB))
11-0 (7a) (P2P/HC form r5 w1) RATING 103
Capable pointer, won Conditions, short head 3rd to Ask Cory (IRE) in Friars Haugh Mixed Open Novice Riders 9th Mar (kpt on wl flat)

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