Friars Haugh

Friars Haugh

Next FixtureJedforest, January 21, 2024

PTP Area: Northern

Kelso TD5 8LT, UK

Just W of Kelso, nr A699. TD5 8LT

What Three Words: TBC

Course Information:

Course is 3m2f, mostly flat with one stiff uphill climb after fence 7/14 round the back of the knoll; portable fences well constructed; ground drains well and going usually good, even in early season; last fence and finish in separate central chute.

Just W of Kelso, nr A699. TD5 8LT. Meetings: Jedforest; Duke of Buccleuch’s; Berwickshire. SF: 18-20. LH 21/3  circs. 8F. 18J; 2od (5/12).

Direction: Lefthanded

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