Multi-Horse Sponsorship form



Application for registration under Horse Sponsorship Scheme 2023/24
Multi-Horse Sponsorship

Following registration of the Multi-Horse Sponsorship, any horse running in the name of the owner or keeper (detailed below) may carry advertising for the named sponsor in any Point-to-Point. Advertising must, at all times, comply with the requirements of Appendix L to the Regulations for Point-to-Point Steeple Chases – ‘Sponsored Horses’ – which sets out the acceptable positioning and sizes of all logos that can be carried.
NOTE: Keepers should bear in mind when registering their yard onto this scheme that an owner can, at any time, withdraw their horse(s) from a Multi-Horse Sponsorship and where this occurs no advertising may be carried and no refund of any registration fee will be made.

The applicable registration fee MUST accompany the application made payable to the Point-to-Point Authority Limited. Where, because of an increase in the number of horses, a further sum is due, the extra fee must be paid within seven days.

For sponsorship to be carried the coming weekend and beyond, registration must be made by noon on the previous Friday (min. eight days in advance).

Please either use the online form or download the pdf form. 

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